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Cooperative unit

Classic case cooperation case

Court Archive Warehouse Environmental Measurement and Control

Monitoring Content:Video in the archives warehouse、Communication Power、Air Conditioner、Dehumidifier、Infrared Security Detection、Access Control Detection、Water Leakage Detection、Environmental Temperature and Humidity Sensor、Automatic


Department Of Finance warehouse temperature and humidity moni

According to customer requirements, the warehouse is equipped with 36 temperature&humidity sensor,6 air conditioner,6 set of dehumidifier,6 set of location water leak detection system,2 set of entrance guard,8 road cameras,on the temperatu


Agricultural Internet of Things Project


Huizhou aquaculture project

According to customer requirement, aquaculture farming in aquaculture base a set of intelligent device, the water quality of dissolved oxygen, PH, temperature, electrical conductivity, residual chlorine, turbidity real-time monitoring and early warni


Four big advantage

For the industry to provide quality, safe and stable Internet products


Focus on the Internet of things development design production for many years

High quality Internet of product research and development production manufacturers

Company since its inception in 2009, has accumulated rich experience in research and development production, more than 5000 square meters of production workshops, iot product research and development, design, production into an organic whole, have professional research and development production ability and strong production strength, is the first choice for your cooperation.


Perfect sales model

Quickly to meet customer design requirements, the product development cycle is short, fair prices, quality and stability

For the convenience of our customers around the world to buy, we have been in the to perfect sales model, tight and express and logistics company cooperation, at the same time to strengthen the enterprise's own transport distribution capabilities, guarantee products within the prescribed period of time to your hands.


Kind of preferential policies

Just to ensure long safe surplus each sensor is of high quality

With good quality and complete your delivery requirements, timely multiple service support and close policy: coach dealer for product sales; to provide new products for trial; And exclusive commitment let dealers will not have inventory. 。


The strict perfect quality control system

According to the actual demand to provide clients with iot customized programs

Product processing technology at home and abroad, the company has the advanced testing technology and complete quality control system, strictly follow the ISO9001 international quality certification system management, to ensure that product qualification rate reached more than 99.5%.

The service hotline 0755-28187782

About us

Shenzhen An Ying Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen AnYing Technology Company established in 2 0 0 9, Which is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of Monitoring system such as Water Leak Detector, Temperature Humidity Controller for Smart Building monitoring; The application could be data center, hotel, bank, hospital, school. We have professional solution for I O T area as well like Soil temperature and Moisture sensor, C O 2 Sensor, solar lux sensor, soil E C sensor; all of the...


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Why do transmitters and sensors prefer 4-20ma signals?

4-20mA. DC(1-5V.DC)Singel system is International Electrotechnical Commission analog signal transmission standard used in process controll system. China also used the international standard signal system, the metter transmission signal used 4-20mA.DC