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Acid-base liquid leakage detection system

  pubdate :2015-09-18 11:33  source:安盈   hot:

A-LLW3000 sensing cable employs a unique construction. Four wires are embedded into a fluoropolymer

core. The red and yellow wires are low resistance, insulated wires. The two black wires have a resistance that
is precisely regulated in the manufacturing process. The black on the sensing wires is a conductive polymer
(not insulation). There is no exposed metal to corrode, but, because of the conductive polymer, if a
conductive liquid contacts both sensing wires - anywhere along the length of the sensing cable - it completes
the circuit and the leak is detected.
The cable is of all fluoropolymer construction. The result is a small, flexible but rugged cable, chemically
resistant and extremely resistant to corrosion and abrasion.
As the smooth unbraided surface leaves virtually no place to trap moisture, the system dries fast after a leak.
The measurement circuit is not dependent upon the conductivity of the leaking fluid. Therefore, the same
cable will detect a wide range of fluids without special design considerations or calibration.
The monitoring range of PH valve can be customized from 0~14