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Convenient Dynamic Environment Monitoring and Control System

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1.1 Meaning

        With the large scale application and development of network, communication and computer systems, the importance of the various machine rooms as its core becomes more and more prominent. The power and environmental equipment of machine room, such as power distribution、uninterrupted power supply、air conditioner、fire controll、monitoring etc and subsystem,  it has to be guaranteed to provide the environmental needed for the normal operation of the system at all times. Once the power and environmental equipment break down, or it can't handle in time, it will affect the operation of the whole system and even damage the hardware equipment in the machine room, cause serious consequences. If the important department's machine room fails, such as financial, electricity, radio and television, communication、security etc, it will cause incalculable economic losses and social influence, so many machine room needs to take 24h of personnel on duty, inspec regularly measures of environmental equipment. But it still cost of human resources、 humen easy to tire and neglect for long time rehanding、the inspector's skill level is insufficient to troubleshoot the fault and the whole machine room power、environmental equipment monitoring and management work is not scientific and non-standard etc problem. For those problems, introduced the centralized monitoring and management system in the constrcution of the machine room, use advanced computer technology, control technology and communication technology, the power,environmental and safety equipment subsystem of the whole machine room are integrated into a unified monitoring and management platform, through a unified,simple easy to use graphical user interface, maintenance personnal can montor any equipment in the machine room anytime and anywhere, obtain the required real-time and historical information for effcient global event management. The system offers advanced management way 、real-time management information and abundance history for maintenance personnal of machine room, it can improve the management lecel of machine toom system equipment and realize scientific management, it also saves human resource, reduces the labor inrensity of maintenance personel, improve the ability of rapid response to emergencis, reduce the damage and loss of the accident, so that the machine room management step a new realm, and creat the conditions for unmaned management of machine room.

1.2  The Introduction Of Anying Convenient Power And Environmental Project

Convenient power and environmental monitoring, it is different with traditional power environmental monitoring, based on the 《Power Supply、Air Conditioner And environmental centralized monitoring management system of communication bureau(station) ,and introduces the advanced Internet technology, using the intelligent hardware and the advantage of cloud computing to monitor and control system, to achieve a simplified transmission link, reduce the purpose ofsingle point of failure and improve the system stability. The "Convenient" of the system is show the three parts:    

1) Convenient installation, intelligent module can adapt to a variety different types of equipment;

2) Convenient hardware, cloud computing optimizes the links, making the hardware composition optimal;    

3) Convenient use, more cost effective, plug-and-play, easy to use.   


2.1 Design principles

Less Investment

Easy installation, less manpower input.

Most people is affordable, and high cost performance.

Easy to use, easy to maintence sysem

System Stability

Design to avoid single point of failure, intelligent hardware modular  

Software for independent reseach and development, strong compatibility, to ensure timety maintenance.  

Internation industrial monitoring standard interface for easy extension and maintenance.  

2.2 System Composition  

Monitoring system is consists of three kinds of intelligent hardware and APP/WEB software. Intelligent hardware divides various devices into three categories and uses different hardware for information interaction. APP/WEB software interface realizes data visualization management on moblie phone and PC port. System links is device à smart cloud box à sever à moblie phone/PC. Intelligent gateway realizes data acquistion and real-time status detection of the device, and to transmit the data to the server for consolidation, with friendly and human interface show in the APP and WEB side, inorder to achieve real-time monitoring of equipment, fault alarm, history data report and historical status information record, and prediction equipment fault etc.

T1-type gateway, it can connect device includeS UPS, precision air conditioning, generators, inverters, HVDC, power meter etc, which can communicate through RS232/RS485 port. 


T2-type gateway, it can connect device includes temperature and humidity, battery, and other RS485 communication equipment with power supply.


T3-type gateway, it can connect the swith node equipment, includeing water leakgae, smoke sense, door magnetic, human infrared etc.

      With simplified front-end hardware, the configuration becomes simper and more flexible. Customers can add or remove device according to their own needs, highly expandable.  

Project Background

There are XXX machine room in this project, and it is needs installed a set of dynamic environmental monitoring system to realized real-time networking management and monitoring. The system can well realize the computer room power (including power supply、UPS)、environmental(including temperature and humidity, air conditioning monitoring、water leak monitoring)、security(video monitoring、entrance guard)、network equipment monitoring subsystems of four sections such as on-site real-time monitoring and management. Though the use of advanced computer technology、network communication technology、video transmission technology、image processing technology and software configuration technology, etc, can use easily realize the various intelligent equipment running status, running parameters display, processing and storage, etc;It can realized the data flow between each susbsystem and has strong linkage funcation; Meanwhile, the automatic fault detection and expert diagnosis function of  the system as well as rich alarm function have greatly reduced the burden of maintenance personnel in the machine room, while improving the reliability of the computer room system, the operating effciency of the whole computer room is improved, and the scientific management of the computer room is realized. Powerful the sencondary develpoment interface, built-in full VBScript, compatible with all kinds of common controls, able to develop user's special needs quickly and conveniently, not to worry about the stability of the system.

Though the centralized monitoring room power equipment management system to record all the information、alarm events, realizing the real-time information acquisition and alarm information processing automation and information for the customer、 network system to provide a stable and safe machine room environment protection.