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Air Conditioner Controller

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1.1 Product overview
In electrical power environment monitoring system, building intelligent system, electrical power monitoring system and so on intelligent application system, common air-conditioners are widely used to save cost expense by users. But common air conditioners can’t be connected into remote monitoring system to realize intelligent management because those air conditioners are without communication interface. The air-condition controller we researched and developed is aimed at realizing remote control of common air-condition and it is a “almighty” remote control with self study function. It has RS485 communication interface, temperature and humidity collecting, operating voltage collecting, self study and so on function. After self studied all kinds of control orders of original air-condition remote control, monitoring system can achieve environment temperature and humidity collecting, remote turn on and turn off, set the temperature and operating mode and so on operation through RS485 interface
to finally realize remote monitoring and control of common air conditioners. It is suitable for any brand of common air conditioners and other infrared remote control device.

1.2 Features

  • Used widely:suitable for all air conditioner with infrared remote control in the market.
  • Easy installation:no need to dismantle the original air conditioner and feeding circuit(not detecting current).
  • Energy saving:timely turn on and turn off, double air conditioners automatic operating shift, turn off air conditioner when reach temperature setting and temperature automaticadjusting, for example, if user lower the temperature, this device can automatically restore the temperature set.
  • Malfunction detecting:can detects malfunction exists in the freezing system and send out alarm, like lack of refrigerator, filtering net dirty, engine group dirty, compressor damage, freezing fan damage and so on key components affect freezing effect.
  • Network connecting management : RS485 port execute remotely networking management and also can use alone.
  • Stability:Annual operating7x24 Continuously,without attended maintenance.

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