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Anying CO2 Transmitter

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Brand:Anying  Item Number:A-CO2

1.Product introduction
Anying CO2 intelligent carbon dioxide transmitter, using imported infrared sensor probe, greatly enhance the service life of the products, compared with the conventional electrochemical sensor, the service life raised from two years to five years; variable transmission part adopts the top domestic integrated circuit technology, advanced machinery and welding. We have a high-level R & D team, every product is processed with great care, to ensure the reliability of each product in your hand; in order to apply digital analog mixed communication technology, we made it with the whole intelligent gas variable feeder. Products are with communication and self-diagnosis function, also realize the convenient installation and maintenance. The advanced performance of typical intelligent scene supervision has been fully developed, reaching the standard of industrial security monitoring equipment, it’s now widely used in environmental protection, test equipment, medical treatment equipment, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial applications.

2.Basic parameters and technical performance

Detection principle

Dual channel non dispersive infrared principle


0~2000 / 0 ~ 5000 / 0~20000ppm (Max:0~150000 PPM)


±2% ppm      (0~3000ppm) @10 ~ 50

Response time

0 ~ 80% < 30sec

Data update time

Every 2.0 Seconds

Preheating time 

@25    < 90sec

Operating environment temperature

0 ~ 50, 0 ~ 90%RH Non Condensing

Save temperature

-40 ~ 70


Analog quantity :4~20mA, 0~5V, 0~10V

Digital quantity: RS485

Power supply

DC 12-24V

Power waste

Peak 150mA, Low 25mA (@5VDC)



Red:    (+)


Yellow:    The signal line


(W)112mm x (H)45mm x (D)90mm

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