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Oil Leakage Montoring System

  pubdate :2016-08-22 12:26  source:安盈   hot:

Fuel/Disel leak montoring can be used for multiple alarm modes including mobile APP alarm、SMS alarm、email alarm、sound&light alarm etc.


1.1 Purpose

   In order to prevent and reduce the damage caused by gasoline and diesel leakage accidents during construction. We will establish a mechanism to quickly and effectively organize emergency response, rescue and emergency response in emergency situations, and formulate this early warning plan according to the actual situation.

1.2 Legal Basis
Law Of the Peoople's Republic Of China On Work Satety

《Emergency Contingency Plan 
《Regulations on Safety Management of Hazardous》

1.3 Application

    This preplan is applicable to the emergency alarm and treatment of gasoline and diesel oil leakage in the process of production or storage


 二、Composition of the system

 The Fuel/Disel leak montoring system is composed of an oil leakage sensing cable and a liquid leakage alarm controller. A leakage alarm host can connect up to 500 meters of oil leakage sensing cable, leakage alarm controller DC12v supply power, the connection between the oil leakage sensing cable and the leakage alarm controller requires a lead cable, the end of the oil leakage sensing cable is equipped with a termination end, when the leakage occurs, the leakage alarm controller  detects the change of the sensing cable, alarm will be started being processed by the microprocessor.  

 Oil leak montoring system is a whole set, but it's made up of several parts. Host is liquid alarm controller. It is a major part of the system. The second is the oil sensing cable and leading wire, and the alarm part, it can be a text meassagr, phone, APP or WEB alarm etc. It's a combination of an alarm.
               Appearance diagram of liquid leakage alarm controller


三、The system characteristics
1、Reasonable structure, high reliablility, no adjustable parts, easy operation, never ignore any alarm, nor wrong alarm;
2、Non-exposed metal struture, special polymer structure makes the cable corrosion resistant, high strength and reliable quality;
3、Easy to understand monitoring module, easy to install, maintain and replace.
4、Rapid detection and real-time response to minimize the risk of leakage;
5、High precision;    
6、The monitoring range is wide, and the detection distance of a single controller can reach 500 meters;
7、With advanced products, every part of the oil leakage induction cable can continuously sense the existence of liquid, which is different from the ordinary induction cable.;
8、Great adaptability, strong compatibility, multiple signal interfaces, not only relay out, but also RS485 communication interface, convenient to be included in the centralized monitoring system;
9、When the leakage of feul、disel occurs, the relay out of the controller can control the valve to close and cut off liquid source to avoid accidents.